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The aim of Afrokiki is to broaden the horizon of modern fashion. This, by showing and proving that the market has been waiting for a sophisticated African clothing brand tailored to the high segment fashion industry. Afrokiki’s goal is to break the boundaries at every level within the luxurious fashion market. No longer will there be a need to leave those beautiful African-inspired attires in your closet! Instead, you can dress trendy, modern and appropriate for any occasion. All this while on the same time paying tribute to our beautiful heritage and background. Having said that, we do like to express that while the inspiration for the Afrokiki brand may originate from our African lineage, we aim to reach every person out there who can exhibit a genuine appreciation for our culture.


We all remember the year 2020, a year of drastic societal change that gave everybody the opportunity to take a deep breath and evaluate where they were standing in life. This of course, was no different for our founder, Gisela. Even though being a full and recognized clothing brand now, the limitations in people wearing African prints has been the original motivation for Gisela to launch Afrokiki. For too long, beautiful African prints were too rarely showcased, often only been seen at special occasions like family gatherings. Society did not recognize that the beauty of the prints is much more dynamic and therefore should be treated as such, paraded at each and every opportunity. Thus, Afrokiki started off with this niche concept in mind. At that moment in time, no one could predict the label would develop itself into a high-scale luxurious fashion brand in only a matter of a year. Our vision is to guarantee the continuous demand of our African colors and designs will be a given in modern day fashion culture. In other words, Afrokiki stands for timeless fashion that turns classic African designs into everyday clothing styles.

More to know 

Afrokiki is an original but timeless African fashion brand, founded by entrepreneur Gisela (CEO/Founder) in 2020, Being of Angolan and Congolese descent. From a very early age Gisela already noticed the discrepancies, lack of availability and limited promotion of African garment within the overall European clothing industry. Determined to make a change, she wondered how she could be of influence, narrowing the lack of integration between the African- and the Western fashion world. All in all, they wanted the whole world to be able to get acquainted and start appreciating the beauty of African print.

The launch of Afrokiki marked the start of fulfilling her ambition – by offering the market unique and vibrant African prints. With this, they quickly gained popularity and acclaim, making a name for herself in the industry. Fast forward to the year 2022, and Afrokiki is about to take her dream a step further. It now creates and indulges its customers with luxurious and sophisticated African inspired clothing, fully tailored to the specific needs of the individual in question.

The industry has never witnessed a brand as revolutionary as Afrokiki - and its only getting started. The founder kindly invite you to have a look at the website and start getting familiar, preferably support, the brand today.

The Founder


Gisela Belo

CEO & Founder

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